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Providing Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Cancers Using Unique Biomarkers

About Us


Envision Sciences is a cell biology company with a primary focus on diagnostics, prognostics, live cell imaging and identification of targets for therapeutic treatments.  Our goal is to lead the way in providing high specificity and sensitivity outcomes across various forms of cancer.

The products we are developing are designed to provide much clearer advice on the status of cancer in pathology samples from the human body. We aim to provide solutions for clinicians, giving more detailed information on the level and activity of a cancer and allowing them to make much more specific diagnosis and improved treatment decisions for their patients across a complete diagnosis and prognosis spectrum.


Our ‘Vision’  is  to position Envision Sciences as a leading oncology diagnostic, prognostic and companion diagnostic company. Our novel biomarker discovery program will also define new targets for specific therapeutic intervention in cancer patients.


Envision’s primary ‘Goals’ are:

  • to provide new industry standards in diagnostics, prognostics and companion diagnostics for a range of cancers, enabling healthcare service providers to achieve better patient outcomes
  • to provide game changing diagnostics, prognostics and companion diagnostics for cancers with unmet needs; specifically those with very poor prognosis and often referred to in lay terms as the ‘killer’ cancers


Envision’s approach for interaction with diagnostic and therapeutic provider companies:

  • early engagement with stakeholders to develop innovative collaboration models for patient access to our technology, and to create win-win business solutions for our partners
  • the provision of viable therapeutic targets for multiple cancers and to co-operatively develop novel strategies for effective cancer treatment and patient management


Envision’s ‘novelty’ is built on technology that is based around a very solid foundation.

  • The core of the technology is based on unique, confirmed, cell biology pathways, which define the primary pathogenesis and enable the development of tests that are objective, verifiable and quantifiable

Envision’s novel biomarkers:

  • provide a full spectrum cancer pathology solution for early diagnosis, accurate prognosis and companion diagnosis
  • provide unique solutions for precision disease mapping and the definition of disease phenotype
  • provide precision medicine to drive selective evidence based therapeutic options for patients rather than using subjective estimates of disease biology
  • provide high affinity reagents that depict specific pathology and allow digital pathology solutions to remove subjective error
  • are the first to identify aggressive migrating cancer cells and can visualize the first signs of aggressive cancer
  • have direct links to imaging and therapeutic technologies by identifying critical targets in cancer pathogenesis

Corporate Background

The Company

Envision Sciences was formed in 2017 and is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Its foundation is based on high potential cancer research outcomes in cell biology that had their genesis in the University of South Australia.









Board / Leadership Team

Executive Chairman

Peter has led a range of teams in his career and is an experienced leader and strategic planner. He has led the development and strategic direction of the therapeutics company PresSura Neuro for over 5 years and brings all the experience of development, clinical trials and an expertise in international industry science networks to Envision. He is experienced at capital raising across a number of industries in Australia and overseas, and his skill sets are well suited to lead the development and commercial goals set for Envision.

Peter is an experienced public company executive and has held director positions in various companies and industry sectors including in energy, mining services and medical therapeutics. His recent appointments include being chairman of PresSura Neuro (therapeutics for traumatic brain injury and concussion), executive chairman of Austin Engineering (ASX Code:ANG) in 2016. Peter co-founded Envision in 2016.


Non Executive Director

John is an experienced businessman with extensive experience in the international business environment. He holds chair and director appointments across a number of business industry sectors in Australia and overseas.

Senior Vice President US Operations

Charles joins Envision Sciences with over 30 years in C Suite positions across the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

He was the founder and CEO of GenCare Biomedical Research Corporation, the first dedicated Oncology laboratory in the United States. He sold this laboratory to BioReference Laboratories in 1995 where he was responsible for organic revenue growth of more than one billion dollars over 22 years.

His major accomplishments include developing and implementing industry leading programs in the areas of Oncology, Women’s Health and Genetics, with an emphasis on prostate, colon and ovarian cancers.  Charles was responsible for sales and marketing activities of OPKO Health’s 4K Score test after their acquisition of BioReference Laboratories in 2014  (NYSE – “OPK”).


Board Advisor

Dr Dhingra was appointed as Corporate and Strategic R&D advisor in 2020. He was Head of the Oncology Leadership Team and Head of Oncology Clinical Development at Roche for 9 years. Prior to that he held senior physician appointments with Eli Lilly and Company and the MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

Kapil has been directly involved as a board member in multi-billion-dollar acquisitions by major pharmaceutical companies in radioligand and diagnostics in oncology especially prostate cancer. Kapil was a director of Exosome Diagnostics for 5 years before it was acquired for $575M. Exosome Dx develops urine based genomic early detection tests for prostate cancer.


Chief Executive Officer

Scott joined Envision Biosciences in November 2023. Scott has more than 35 years of international experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked in Europe, the US and Asia leading complex integrated business enterprises. Most recently Scott served as CEO and MD of ASX-listed Mayne Pharma Group for 10 years.  Prior to joining Mayne Pharma, Scott spent ten years in Europe in a variety of leadership roles including President, Europe Middle East and Africa and President, Global Commercial Operations for Mayne Pharma Limited (acquired by Pfizer/Hospira in 2007). He also served on the Group Management Board of Actavis for four years where he was responsible for the firm’s global injectable/hospital business operations. Prior to working in Europe, Scott spent 14 years with FH Faulding and Co (acquired by Mayne Nickless in 2001) in a variety of roles including leading Faulding Pharmaceuticals Asia Pacific operations together with spending five years with Faulding in the United States leading business development and portfolio management operations.


Chief Development Officer

Andrew has a PhD from prestigious University College London. He worked as a Biotechnology strategic advisor with Bio-Link, Australia (2014 – 2019), and as Head of Innovation at Exopharm Ltd (ASX:EX1) in early 2019. Andrew’s roles included coordination of biomarker discovery and validation programs, project management, intellectual property management and licencing.

His role at Envision Sciences utilises his scientific and commercial experience gained over several decades encompassing diagnostic pathology, academic research, and corporate biotechnology.

He has served on the editorial board of journals Cell Biology Insights and Journal of Drug Discovery and Delivery, and was a member of the NHMRC Research Translational Faculty.


Leader of Envision’s Discovery and Research team at University of South Australia

Doug is the leader of the Mechanisms in Cell Biology and Disease Research Group at the University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute.

Professor Brooks focus includes biomarker development for prostate and a number of other cancers, including work on biomarkers for tissue histology, the early detection of cancer and companion diagnostics.  Doug has over 30 years experience in medical research and is also a Research Professor in Molecular Medicine. His initial research training was in Immunology with a focus on cancer research, involving the immunochemistry of cell surface antigens.


Diagnostic Development and Commercialisation – Lead

Seong brings to Envision 16 years experience in diagnostics including roles in major global diagnostic companies. He specialises in the development of diagnostic technology, business development and commercialisation. He has also worked for the Boston Consulting Group and his skills include business analysis, molecular diagnostics, commercial solutions and global business development including solutions for personalised medicine. Seong has a B Eng (Hons) from Melbourne University and an MBA from Berkeley.

Science and Technology

Envision Sciences is developing a range of diagnostic, prognostic and live cell imaging products based on cutting edge cell biology research and discovery. Our current technology development covers the following areas:


There is a need for cancer diagnostics that provide a much greater level of sensitivity, specificity and validity than exist in the
marketplace at the moment. The development of our products in this field has an initial focus on specific cancer and we expect to expand the outcomes of our work into a broader range of cancers.


While there are numerous tests to indicate the presence of a cancer there are limited non-invasive tests that identify whether the cancer is passive or aggressive. Clinicians need specific information on which to base treatment options and advice to their patients. Our prognostic developments are designed to provide a much higher level of information to clinicians. The prognostic tests being developed are also focused to markedly improve the current lack of information from existing cancer “prognostic” tests.


Live Cell Imaging

Our work in this area provides for live monitoring of cancer cells from biopsy tissue. This ground breaking work is also designed to give clinicians very precise information on a patients specific cancer and its level of activity. This will allow clinicians to provide very accurate diagnosis using live, visual diagnostic tools as well as prognosis advice on when and what level of surgery or other treatment is required for their patients.

Therapeutics (biologics) and Companion Diagnostics

Our ground breaking work on biological pathways has led to the development of unique biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis. This has allowed us to identify targets for therapeutic intervention in multiple cancers. This work also includes the development of PET imaging agents to visualise cancer in patients.

Latest News & Press Releases



14th July, 2023

Quest Diagnostics Launches Novel Prostate Cancer Test Aimed at Improving Diagnosis and Grading

Lab service utilizes Envision Science’s proprietary biomarkers and technology with a goal of improving diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer.




Envision works with numerous high end partners and affiliates who are leaders in their field.
Some of our key PARTNERS and COLLABORATORS include:

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