About Us

Envisioning Precision: Improving patient care through the transformation of prostate cancer diagnostics and prognostics

Envision Sciences stands at the leading edge of diagnostic innovation in a range of medical disciplines.  Developed in collaboration with The University of South Australia, the flagship product, a panel of prostate cancer IHC biomarkers, assists in elevating pathology accuracy and patient care standards.

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Pioneering the future of diagnostics through a culture of patient-centric, informed decision-making


Empowering diagnostic experts to make informed decisions for superior healthcare outcomes.

Core Values


Committing to accuracy and reliability in every diagnostic assessment.


Fostering a culture of innovation to continuously advancing diagnostic technologies to enhance patient care and outcomes


Prioritising equity in healthcare by fostering inclusivity and collaboration to reduce disparities in healthcare access and outcomes.


At Envision Sciences, our strategy is to leverage cutting-edge technology and diagnostic expertise to provide accurate, reliable and timely patient-centric solutions. By fostering collaborative partnerships and continuously innovating, we aim to lead the industry in delivering superior diagnostic outcomes while maintaining a focus on quality and compassion.

Company History

Launch with a Leading US Laboratory

Quest launches prostate cancer biomarker test utilizing Envision Sciences Product Offering

Publication: Unique Biomarker Patterns Found in Prostate Cancer Growth

Distinct patterns of biomarker expression for atypical intraductal proliferations in prostate cancer. Martini C et al. Virchows Archiv - 2023 Sep 14; in press

Publication: Biomarker Interaction Drives Prostate Cancer Progression

Dynamic interplay between sortilin and syndecan-1 contributes to prostate cancer progression. Lazniewska J, et al. Science Reports. 2023;13(1):13489.

Publication: IHC-Assisted Grading Enhances Prediction of Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Prediction of Prostate Cancer Biochemical and Clinical Recurrence Is Improved by IHC-Assisted Grading Using Appl1, Sortilin and Syndecan-1 . Logan JM et al. Cancers. 2023, 15(12), 3215

Publication: Evidence of Retrograde Spread

Appl1, Sortilin and Syndecan-1 immunohistochemistry on intraductal carcinoma of the prostate provides evidence of retrograde spread. Sorvina, A et al. Pathology. 2023 20:S0031-3025(23)00139-3 (Epub ahead of print)

Publication: Aberrant Protein Expression

Aberrant protein expression of Appl1, Sortilin and Syndecan-1 during the biological progression of prostate cancer. Martini, C et al. Pathology 2023 55(1), pp. 40–51.

Signs License Agreement

Licence agreement signed with Quest Diagnostics – the largest tissue pathology provider in the US

Independently Validated by Large International Laboratory

Effectiveness of Envision biomarkers independently validated

Envision Wins Grant for Prostate Cancer Project

Envision receives the MTP Connect Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) Program grant funding for its project – the diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer using blood and tissue tests.

Engaging Australian Experts

Key opinion leader engagement – presentation to leading Australian urologists and American oncologists

Biomarker Discovery Program Launched

Biomarker discovery program for the diagnostic and prognostic biomarker test for prostate cancer commences with the University of South Australia.

Established with a Focus on Cancer

Envision Sciences established as a biomarker discovery and development company with a focus on cancer diagnostics and prognostics.

Secures Global Patents

University of South Australia files patent ‘Methods for confirming detection and evaluating the progression of a prostate cancer’ in Australia, Singapore, China, USA, EU and Japan.